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Lighting for your Tipis adds that oh so necessary style and detail to your wedding and creates the perfect romantic atmosphere. Our range of lighting can be found below.

  • Bespoke Fairy Lights up each of the 9 main poles


  • Colourful up-lights that shine into the canopy


  • Pin Spots for a spotlight effect


  • 60cm Disco Ball


  • Internal and External Festoon Lights


  • Rope Lights around the skirt of the tipi

  • Chandlers 

  • Range of Pendants 

  • Lanterns 

If you are after extraordinary production lighting and audiovisual for your celebration we work alongside the best in Byron. 


We can arrange projections onto our tipis, feature lighting in any garden, tree or waterway,  grand and stylish hanging installations including chandeliers, floral & festoon, ladders & lanterns.

Email us at for more information on the best production lighting, quality audio & DJ experience.

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