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Our authentic Nordic Tipis with 100 year slow grown wooden poles from the forest of Sweden create a stunning aesthetic for your wedding day. 

Giant Tipi

Our 10.3m Giant Tipi is the largest of our Tipis and incredibly versatile. The sides can be raised allowing for uninterrupted views or lowered to create a level of intimacy. It can stand alone or be joined to other Tipis in multiple configurations creating a majestic space. 

Traditional Tipi

The Traditional Tipi is a smaller tipi that can stand-alone or be linked to the Giant Tipi for an ideal chill-out lounge area, bar or intimate dinner celebration space. The sides do not rise on our (8.5m) Traditional Tipi, apart from the 2 front panels that can either be rolled up or extended out to create a covered entrance.

Canopy Tipi

Our 5m Tipi Canopy is highly versatile creating the perfect sun or wet weather shelter. It can be used as an arbour for a bridal party or shelter for a ceremony. Alternatively, it comfortably seats a table of 16 guests, or can be used as a catering service area & alfresco bar.

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